Ways To Get a Sugar Daddy On Sugarbaby Site

get a sugar daddy

If you're a woman looking to make some extra cash, or you are looking to date a rich man, a sugar baby/daddy relationship might sound like the perfect arrangement.

But what are the ways to get a sugar daddy on Sugarbaby sites? If you're a new Sugar Baby, you'll be lucky if you have someone to teach you the ropes as you look for your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Daddies. But for those who are completely new to this concept, it can be fun and exciting but also a bit scary and confusing.

What's A Sugar Baby?

What's a sugar baby, you asked? Simply put; a sugar baby is a lady who receives cash, gifts or other financial and material benefits in exchange for company. It can include sex or intimacy, but it doesn't have to. The paying partner is typically wealthier and older.

How To Get A Sugar Daddy

How do you know which Sugar Daddy is for you? Is there a limit on the number of Sugar Daddies you should have? Should you call or text them? It's a pretty long list of questions, so it's best to talk about some tips on getting a Sugar Daddy on Sugarbaby sites for the first time and how to make sure you're a fun Sugar Baby date.

#1. Do Your Background Check

Before you decide to meet with a possible Sugar Daddy, use your good judgment and some proper verification. Meeting with your Sugar Daddy is to really figure out whether you have chemistry or not.

#2. Decide on a Good Meeting Place

Deciding on where to meet is always important. Make sure it's in a public space. Make it a point never to meet with the Sugar Daddy in their hotel room or home. You also have to ensure that you have your own transportation when you meet up with him. For security purposes, tell a friend that you're meeting with a Sugar Daddy. If you want the meeting place to reflect how fun you are, you can set a good tone for your date that feels cheery and lively. You can go to an outdoor concert or a food festival. You don't always have to meet up for coffee and just look at each other.

#3. Dress to Impress

A big factor in meeting a Sugar Daddy for the first time is your clothes. Since men are very visual, strive to be as attractive as you can in that aspect. But being too sexy in the first meeting will make it seem as if you are too easy. Men don't like it that you're giving it away so freely. When choosing clothing, pick an asset to show off. If you do want to go with a mini dress, choose one without too much cleavage exposure.

#4. Have a Good Mindset

Be prepared to go into the date expecting that things would work out. By being positive, you'll have a great time. Remember to mind your matters and be flirtatiously argumentative as well. This would definitely keep him on his toes.

#5. Make Him Comfortable

If you're a bit nervous, and for sure, he probably will be too, so make sure he's comfortable. Since people work off each other's energies, body language says a lot. Find some time to relax before actually meeting a Sugar Daddy.

#6. Keep the Conversation Sparkling

Think about conversational pieces before you go into the date. This prevents any awkward silences. If he's a bit wary, think of questions that would get him to open up. Think of an interesting anecdote or story to check if you have similar viewpoints. Also, treat your Sugar Daddy as you would a good friend. Ask him how his day went and go through the normal conversation on anything exciting that happened to him, etc. Focus on smiling often, laughing a lot, and keeping eye contact.

When you make the conversation flow easily and when you show that you are genuinely interested in his life, his interests, and his day, you're starting to establish a good relationship with him. When you converse, use it as a way to get to know your Sugar Daddy well. In addition, you can use the time (maybe at the end) to spell out the terms of any arrangements you may want to have. A lot of arrangements fizzle because of misunderstood expectations and scheduling conflicts. You have to be clear with what you want and of course consider their needs as well.

#7. Leave Him Wanting More

Remember that an hour or so is a great time for a sugar date. Even if you are having a slow dinner. Although you had a great time and your chemistry is great, do not stay too long. A Sugar Daddy might want to stay out longer and could recommend other tempting and fun things to do. However, do not be seduced. No matter what he suggests, politely say no and leave him wanting more. As a Sugar Baby, you know that your time is valuable. Do not give it away, especially if an arrangement has yet to be finalized.


Have you now seen that it is not difficult to get a sugar daddy? Following these tips will make your job easier. In the end, if you like a Sugar Daddy, leave a good impression by making sure you meet again before the date ends.

If a date really went well, your Sugar Daddy would most likely text you that same day or the next day to let you know how he feels. Although you can't meet up with him that fast, it's good to have open communication lines.